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Facts About Vitamins Part 2

Basic knowledge of vitamins

(7) What are the consequences if overtake Vitamin A?
During taking vitamin A, pay attention to excessive symptoms and lack of symptoms. But the body intake of vitamin A too much, once stored in the liver will be transported in the eyes and organs of the mucosa, which led to poisoning. Acute poisoning symptoms appear in the brain, so that increased brain pressure and headache or vomiting. Chronic poisoning will appear hepatosplenomegaly, hands and feet, bone swelling and pain and other symptoms. Generally due to food caused by vitamin A poisoning, and other β-carotene is not caused by poisoning. The reason is that β-carotene takes a long time to convert from the body into vitamin A, so it is not easy to cause excessive.

(8) What is the difference between carotene and vitamin A?
Both are in the body to play the function of vitamin A, but vitamin A is contained in animals; and β-carotene is contained in plants. Vitamin A, the most abundant animal’s liver. Because vitamin A has a characteristic, it is absorbed with the body at the same time as the fat, and then by the small intestine cells are broken down into the rye material, and then transported to the liver storage, when the organ needs vitamin A, you can immediately supply. And β-carotene need to be taken with grease, or can not play the function of vitamin A, it should try to be mixed with β-carotene and fat and edible.

(9) If vitamin D intake too much is not good?
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, cannot be dissolved in water, so it is not absorbed from the intestines that can play a function. But a large number of taking, the blood will increase the calcium, the human bone free calcium will continue to precipitate in the kidney or blood vessels, resulting in adult headache, arthritis, muscle strength and other phenomena, in particular, has received kidney Of people, eating natural vitamin D can not be used, in order to avoid the lack of regular injection of vitamin D. But when the injection is excessive, the calcium in the blood increases, will be left in the kidney, heart, lungs, etc., and make its functioning dysfunction, become severe, and even life-threatening. Children are caused by dry skin, hands and feet are too soft, muscle spasms, blood pressure and other symptoms.

(10) Any bad symptoms if vitamin K is excessive?
Fat-soluble vitamin K excess, we must pay attention to the symptoms, to avoid the consequences of excessive adverse strokes. Vitamin K is the blood coagulation of vitamins, excess disease can cause liver disorders, vomiting, dyspnea, chest pain or back pain. Vitamin K and Vitamin A, D are a bit different, vitamin K in the integrated vitamins, because the content will not be too much, do not worry about causing surplus. Only to manually add the injection, it will cause excess. Usually used in surgery or production, to prevent bleeding more than the problem, so in the production, should avoid vitamin K excessive lead to infant jaundice crisis.

(11) How much vitamin should be taken daily?
Basically, in addition to being treated outside, the daily intake of the required amount of 2 to 3 times the best. The reason is that too much water-soluble vitamins will be excreted with urine or sweat. So taking into account the absorption rate of vitamins and utilization of the key, with 2 to 3 times the amount of more effective.

(12) What time is it better to take a vitamin?
If it is taking fat-soluble vitamin A, D, E, to take better after meals. The reason is that greasy dishes contain a lot of fat, fat-soluble vitamins as the fish was water, can be dissolved in the fat for the body to absorb. As for the water-soluble vitamins, water cooking is not the problem does not matter, but if the vitamin B group, C and other water-soluble vitamins, if it can be divided into early, afternoon and evening meals after meals, that can be made every time the body The most appropriate amount of nutrients and can play its effect.