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Unravelling the mysteries of human aging
-Telomerase –Nobel Prize in Medicine for reversing aging in 2009
-The United States has a major breakthrough at Harvard University Hospital

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  • Discovering the mysteries of Telomerase as an anti-aging substance in human.
  • Telomerase – Nobel Prize in Medicine 2009. Harvard University Hospital, United States.( A major breakthrough in its role in reversing aging )

Scientists discovered a substance called telomerase, an enzyme responsible for maintenance of the length of telomeres (guanine-rich) to the ends of chromosomes. The ends of these chromosomes are secured against degradation by a protective cap at their distant ends called a telomere. Telomeres can be found in single-celled organisms or larger organisms, such as fish or humans. Its activity can be seen in gametes, stem cells and tumor cells.

DNA codes for genetic information are located in all of our cells. Double-stranded DNA is packaged linearly into chromosomes, most of which form the shape of an X. When our cells multiply from one to two cells, the DNA within must also replicate itself exactly. And every time that happens, the telomeres get shorter. When telomeres get too short, the cell stops dividing because of insufficient cap left to stop the DNA from unraveling. It means that telomere shortening serves as your genetic clock. After years of research and testing, scientists discovered a method to stop your telomeres from shortening. The enzyme telomerase function is to make a blueprint so your telomeres can rebuild themselves when your DNA makes copies. Thus, your telomeres don’t get shorter and sometimes can even get longer.

Inhibition and reduction of the telomerase catalytic activity following a crisis will result to shortening of the telomeres and eventually cell death which is commonly seen in the process of aging.

The formation and addition of active enzyme through its intracellular activation or due to stimulation of expression of telomerase components will result in telomerase activation and telomere elongation. This process has been shown to prevent aging and degenerative changes.


  • As we aged, telomerase level decreases and the telomeres will also be shortened resulting to a shorter lifespan.
  • However, with sufficient and high telomerase level, aging and degenerative changes can be slowed down resulting to a longer lifespan.

Health benefits of Telomerase:

  • Sustaining the telomeres
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Slows degenerative changes
  • Preserve mental health
  • Preserve physical health
  • Preserve emotional health
  • Promote longer and healthier life

Ingredients: Sillybummarianum, Bacopa Monnieri, Curcuma Longa Root Extract, Green Tea Extract, Pomegranate Extract, South African root extract, Wild Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Resveratrol, Folic Acid, Strawberry



According to the International Journal of Humanities and Science Malaysia use the internet every week for about 22.3 hours. Modern people’s use of electronic screens (such as Television screens, Computer screens, Cell phone screens, etc) is rapidly spreading which is likely to be the culprit in the proliferation of vision disorder and eye problem. Long hours of attention and reading on the electronic screen are enough to cause problems in the eye including dry eyes, eye fatigue, blurred vision, impaired eyesight (increasing the number of glasses worn) and various eye problems.

Ingredients: Astaxanthin, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Calendula, Bilberry, Blueberry, Grapes, Beta-Carotene, Soy Lecithin